Victims of human trafficking and sexual abuse need your help.

You can join PATH in bringing survivors from crisis to recovery.

PATH partners with others in the US and around the world to put an end to human trafficking.

human trafficking victims in Arkansas

Survivor Care

If you believe you or someone you know has been forced to have sex against your will, PATH is here to listen, care, and help you move past the pain.

partners against human trafficking educating the community at speaking event

Community Education

Prevention starts with you! Human trafficking is the second largest criminal industry, and we believe awareness can change that. 

human trafficking victims in Arkansas

Local Partners

Businesses all over Arkansas make it possible for PATH to care for survivors of sex trafficking and provide free community education.

Help For Survivors

Our primary focus here at PATH is to provide Christ-centered therapy and treatment for survivors of sex trafficking and sexual abuse.

Whether the need is for a safe place to stay, parenting classes or intensive therapy to battle PTSD, the PATH Case Managers and Therapeutic Treatment Team is here to help. Our focus is healing for victims of sex trafficking, sexual abuse, and sexual assault. Through life skills, creative activities, and recreation we help our survivors to face traumas, learn ways to cope and gain skills needed to successfully reintegrate.


Today there are approximately 27-30 million humans in slavery, more than any other time in history.


Approximately 2 million children are estimated to be victims of human trafficking each year.

13 Years Old

Just 13 years old — this is the average age of girls forced into the sex slavery market in the United States.

Survivor Stories

Their testimony. Their words. Find hope and healing through the words of our survivors.

Survivor Care

You’re not alone; there is a path to freedom. We are committed to providing the resources you need.

The PATH Team is dedicated to providing for the needs of the individual guiding them from crisis to freedom and independence.

Our Mission

Centered in Christ, our focus at PATH is to
deliver hope for healing, personal growth, and future success.

Our mission is to provide a program of restoration and community reintegration for rescued victims through a variety of programs and services. Besides providing therapeutic services and a safe place for survivors, PATH provides education in Arkansas and surrounding states to all ages on prevention, awareness and intervention.


Day Program

Build community with other survivors while gaining life skills in a Chris-centered environment and work towards a life beyond abuse.



Connect with therapists to help survivors heal from trauma sustained from sexual abuse and learn healthy coping skills.



Regardless of survivor age, we provide tutors that assist educational support and help clients reach their full potential.

Know the Signs

Could you spot a trafficking situation and would you know what to do? We provide free speaking engagements throughout the community.

Victim Service Training

This training provides an intense look at the world of the sex industry with a primary focus on sex trafficking and the world of the victim.

The PATH Community of Care

PATH wouldn’t be able to care for survivors without our wonderful community of partners. Churches, businesses, schools, hospitals, and more are all working with PATH to end human trafficking in the state of Arkansas.

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Celebrate Freedom

We are so blessed to live in a nation where we are free. But did you know that even though we lawfully have freedom, there are still over 40 million people enslaved by human trafficking? Join us on Saturday July 16th for a day of fun as we celebrate freedom! 

Give Hope

Become a partner against the trafficking of humans. We can’t give hope to survivors of human trafficking and sexual abuse without your help! Join our fight by donating today.