Volunteer to help victims reclaim their lives.

Volunteering with PATH helps to create a safe, nurturing community of support for survivors of Sex Trafficking, Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault.

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Ephesians 2:10


At PATH, our goal is to build a strong community of hope. This is possible through your support.

Far too many people are caught in circumstances of trafficking and abuse. They feel lost, forgotten and often lose hope. At PATH we want them know that there is a way out and that they have a Father in Heaven that loves them just as they are. We build on this further through our volunteer support. You can volunteer to help build a strong and supportive community to strengthen survivors and help them achieve and maintain goals to reach independence.


Caring for the Community

Volunteer to enrich the lives of survivor of sex trafficking, sexual abuse and sexual assault. Strengthen them and make them a part of the community that we enjoy so much.


Take Action

Volunteer to be the difference. Step out and serve this special population. Be “Family” to those that often have little to no relationship with their own families. Help us end Human Trafficking once and for all.


See the Impact

See victims grow, meet their goals, and become strong, independent SURVIVORS!


Rescue starts with our 24-hour HELPLINE, we then utilize “Drive Teams” to go pick up these victims and bring them back, where they can safely begin our program and eventually gain independence.


Our Christ-centered program focuses on the trauma and helps find healthy coping mechanisms, while teaching skills for daily living and learning to have fun to become independent members of the community.

Volunteer Opportunities

PATH has a myriad of opportunities to volunteer and support survivors of sex trafficking, sexual abuse, and sexual assault. Please explore volunteer opportunities here.

Client Care Opportunities

In order to serve in this capacity, whether as an employee, intern or volunteer, you will need to complete Victim Services Training and get a background check. Fill out the form below and PATH will provide additional details to complete these requirements. 


This involves answering calls to the phone line listed for calls from victims and victim referrals.

*Must receive training specific to answering these calls along with required background check and Victim Services & Awareness training.

Crisis Response & Drivers

This is a large range of driving needs from urgent rescue/transport to getting survivors (especially minors) to safety and drivers to help get survivors to appointments such as a Dr. appointment or therapy.

*Must have a current AR driver’s license and insurance along with more specific training for transports.

Teaching, Mentoring, 0r Sponsorship

This involves building a relationship through therapeutic, life skills or FUN interactions! You can mentor a survivor and commit to ‘walk through life’ with her, even after graduation. Sponsorship of a survivor requires meeting a minimum of twice a month and talking with the survivor on the weeks not meeting.

*Must have a minimum of 1 year of sobriety in the same area of recovery regardless of the issue.

Non-Client Care Opportunities

To serve in a non-client area you are encouraged to attend the Victim Services Training just to learn more about PATH and what we do, but it is not required. Some opportunities in this area require experience and references. 

Community Education & Events

This involves assisting with Victim Services Training, working booths at events, or becoming an Events Planning Committee Member.

Additionally there are opportunities to assist with legislation.

The Blue Sparrow Store

This involves working in the store on the 1st & 3rd Fri & Sat every month. Or, volunteers can work in the donation processing center every Mon – Sat 9am – 5pm.

Office Help

This involves data entry, volunteer coordination, filing, etc. Volunteering in our office also involves helping with AV at events, computer and network help.

Will You Answer the Call?

Meet Glenn

After forty-five years of clinical practice and administrative experience I retired, but felt the need to stay involved and was drawn to PATH. Even with my knowledge and experience, I found myself occasionally speechless in to the tragic stories shared by the children and young women. Practiced clinical methods and principles, although most sound, were limited in dealing with this level of trauma.

After three years of full-time work at PATH, and now as a volunteer, my knowledge and experience has grown into a love for each of them.

Working with this population will challenge a person personally, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. The experience will change a person in special ways. It did for me and other team members. It was a precious, life-changing experience of which I am grateful.

COL Glenn Ballard, US Army, Retired

Meet Casonia

I’ve worked in the social services field, mostly child welfare, for about 15 years, as helping others is what I was created to do. I also loved being a part of the Administrative Team and watching God grow us and the ministry.

When I started working for PATH in 2017, I knew that I could do this and do it well. Little did I know, God had other plans, because not only was I called to serve on the front lines, like I was accustomed to, but I was also commissioned to educate kids on ways to stay safe and others about sex-crimes. This is something I never thought I’d do, but absolutely loved it as God showed me that I was NOT in control. I lived for making people aware of this social injustice. Time with the clients was not necessarily part of my job, but I loved the time I had with them. I developed a strong mentor relationship with several of the survivors and loved teaching classes and seeing them grow from broken little girls into strong, confident young ladies. I will always have a special bond with these girls.

After five magnificent years with PATH, I had to move on but only because my family moved to another state. I stay connected and still help out as much as I can. I probably always will. These were not just my co-workers, but my family. This was not just a job, but a mission – a mission that our great God called me to partake in so that He could continue to prepare me for the next phase of my journey. I heard and saw much hard, heavy stuff during my time there so yes, the job is a hard job, but it is also a HEART job and one that will always hold a special place with me.

Casonia Vinson, LMSW

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