Know the signs through training & education.

Our Trainings Empower You With Knowledge

Human trafficking is the second largest criminal industry. You can change that.

Education and awareness are cornerstones of our mission at PATH. To accomplish this, we urge businesses, schools, medical personnel, law enforcement and all community members to request speaking engagements and sign up for the multiple Victim Services Trainings we do throughout the year. Our Victim Service Trainings are an all-day event that costs $60 per person (or $30 for students) as we’ll provide attendees with meals and refreshments. View upcoming events here.


Human Trafficking 101

Learn what human trafficking is, where is takes place, and how to prevent it.


Victim Services

Be trained in how to recognize the warning signs, how to intervene and talk to a victim, and how to protect the vulnerable from sexual abuse.


Become an Advocate

Anyone can be an advocate. Through our trainings, you will be equipped with the tools to recognize red flags and spread further awareness.

General Awareness

Medical Professionals

Mental Health & Clinical Staff

Hospitality & Service Workers

Emergency & First Responders

Parks & Natural Resources

Public School Employees

Young Adults, Teens & Kids

Pastors & Church Staff

Busines Owners
& Teams

By scheduling a training you are committing to joining the fight to end the trafficking of humans.

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We Need Your Help to
Educate the Community.

Being better educated means being better equipped. No matter who you are or where you are, sexual abuse and trafficking happens all around you. Know what to look for and what to do.