PATH helps victims and survivors of sex trafficking, sexual abuse & assault from crisis to recovery.

Survivor Care

If you believe you or someone you know has been forced to have sex against your will, PATH is here to listen, care, and help you move past the pain.

volunteer helps young girl with life skills after surviving human trafficking

Flights to Freedom

Whether traveling to PATH for healing or fleeing traffickers or abusers in Central Arkansas, Flights to Freedom provides travel to ensure safety and peace of mind.


Day Center

The Day Center is a safe place to attain resources to gain independence, garner life skills, and find community with other survivors.


Safe Houses

Safe houses provide secure living for survivors, away from trafficking and or abuse, so they can focus on healing without fear.

Our Programs

We help victims become survivors by teaching the skills needed for successful reintegration into the community and true freedom.

PATH provides Christ-centered programs that focus on trauma and how that effects the lives of victims. What a great way to heal while having fun! In addition to having therapeutic classes, there are great interactive classes on life skills and lots of FUN things to do such as hiking, Mom’s Day Out, day trips, pottery and more.



Classes have included:
cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene, finance and budgeting, childcare, relationships, healthy boundaries, visual arts, and Bible study, as well as activities such as hiking and horse riding.



We provide resources to achieve independent housing goals, financial goals, or education goals. Help with resources in addiction recovery and support groups or connect with local churches and organizations for support and ways to give back.


Work, Housing, Transportation

Learn work skills and job readiness and increase employability in our work program. Learn to save and budget for and maintain independent housing and transportation.

Our Classes


Therapy is one of the most important components in the healing process. PATH partners with trauma therapists across the state, ready to help victims of all ages, genders and backgrounds at no charge to the victim. Families of victims can receive the same level of care. Call today and get started on the PATH to healing.

Life Skills

Life skills can be described as abilities that enable us humans to deal with the challenges of life. PATH teaches things like boundaries, communication, relationships, financial management, parenting, surviving bullying, anger management and more. We can navigate life together. Call today.


Having fun and learning to laugh again is part of the healing process. Join us for hiking, painting, trips to the museum, movie nights, mom’s day out and SO MUCH MORE! Come laugh with us!

Teach a Class

You can help survivors achieve independence, heal from their traumas, and find community. Your skills are the answer to survivors’ prayers.

Sign Up to Attend

If you believe you or someone you know has been forced to have sex against your will, PATH is here. Join your survivor community.