Hospitality, Transportation, and Service Industries Training

Who should attend?
Hospitality professionals are in key places to interact with trafficking victims. Places like hotels, motels, restaurants and bars are frequented by this population. This training prepares receptionists, housekeeping staff, concierge, bartenders, and waiters to identify and respond to human trafficking  

What you will learn:

  • Basic information on trafficking
  • What to look for – trafficking indicators
  • Who becomes a victim and how they are lured into trafficking situations
  • Life in the sex industry and the effects of that lifestyle including trauma
  • How to quickly assess the situation and what to ask a victim/survivor
  • Next steps including who to connect potential victims with and protocol for reporting
  • Life after sexual assault or in the sex industry; the effects of that lifestyle including trauma- short and long-term effects
  • A brief look at who the traffickers, perpetrators, assailants, and purchasers are

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