Education and Awareness Training

General Awareness

Anyone who wants to learn more about human trafficking and how the industry works.

Medical Professionals

This training is designed for anyone who provides care in a medical setting, including clinics and hospitals, and the support staff for those settings.

Psychiatric and Mental Health

Anyone working in a clinical psychiatric or mental health setting including front-line team members, assessment and intake team, and support staff such as lobby personnel and housekeeping.

Emergency and First Responders

This training is designed specifically for fire fighters, law enforcement, emergency medical services, Red Cross and emergency response teams like CERT, ERT, etc.

Hospitality, Transportation, and Service Industries

Hotel or restaurant staff, transportation professionals, home repair technicians, utility workers, home-delivery workers, moving company employees, and any other profession where employees interact with people in the field.

Natural Resource and Outdoor Recreation Professionals

Arkansas State Parks, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, Arkansas Department of Heritage, Arkansas Forestry Commission, U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, National Park Service, Community Parks and Recreation personnel

Public School / College / University Employees

Faculty and staff, educators, coaches, counselors, school nurses, student activity coordinators, student personnel professionals, and other campus employees, as well as student leaders, and other students interested in the subject matter or in starting a campus organization to raise awareness about sex trafficking.


Business owners and their teams


Pastors and their teams, parents, students, those struggling with addiction. Please note: some of these attendees must meet at different times per the nature of the training.
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