Church Training

Who should attend?

Pastors and their teams, parents, students, those struggling with addiction. Please note: some of these attendees must meet at different times per the nature of the training.

What you will learn:

  • Basic information on trafficking
  • Who becomes a victim, how they are trapped, life after sexual assault or the sex industry, the effects of that lifestyle including trauma- short and long-term effects
  • What to watch for in the work or church setting – How to prepare, notice indicators, and respond
  • How to educate and equip students and parents in the church setting
  • How to work with or talk with a victim/survivor
  • How to care for those who struggle with sex-addiction and pornography and implement safeguards in a path to healing. God loves these as much as He loves the victims/survivors. There is redemption, restoration and a new life for everyone through a relationship with Christ.

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