We are Partners Against Trafficking Humans. 

From crisis to recovery, PATH is committed to serve and care for vicitims. Regardless of the need, we are dedicated to walking beside anyone who has been victimized by sexual abuse. Day by day. Step by step. Breath by breath. 

About Us

The PATH Team is dedicated to eradicating sex trafficking and sexual abuse in Arkansas.

Through awareness, education, changing or strengthening or creating new laws, PATH helps victims heal and find their independence and breaking the cycle of abuse within our communities.

PATH offers a variety of services for survivors of sexual abuse over 4 years old and their families. Additionally, PATH provides training and education on what sexual abuse and sex-trafficking is, indicators that someone is being “groomed”, how to stay safe, what do if abuse or trafficking is suspected.



PATH offers hope to survivors who have lived too long without it.

PATH rescues survivors of sex-trafficking and abuse and offers them hope for the future, a sense of empowerment many have never experienced.



After a traumatic experience, it can be difficult to move on without being haunted by thoughts of the past, immense fear and PTSD. The PATH Team knows this and put safety measures in place to assure success when moving toward independence. A slow, planned reintegration is an essential part of this process.



Prevention is the biggest, single thing that can be done to battle sexual abuse and sex-trafficking. Knowledge is essential before prevention can take place. The knowledge of what it is equips up to protect ourselves and those we love.


Community Education!

PATH educates school students, church, and civic organizations on the dangers of sex-trafficking not only toward the victims of such abuse but also on society.

Through Christ-focused programming we provide hope and healing for survivors of sex-trafficking, abuse, and exploitation so they can reclaim control over their lives and reintegrate into their communities.

Christ-Centered Values

PATH was created out of an intense desire to serve the LORD through his children who have suffered at the hands of those who have sought to  traffick, exploit, and abuse them for sexual purposes.

PATH is a non-profit organization of individuals who advocate for the future of survivors of sex trafficking, abuse, and exploitation. We offer hope and healing for survivors and education for the community which has a duty to eradicate such activity within Arkansas.

PATH’s services and programming are based on Biblical principles. We know sex-trafficking and abuse cannot be overcome by earthly means. But with the LORD’s guidance and love, all things are possible!



PATH’s services and programming are based on Biblical principles. We know sex-trafficking and abuse cannot be overcome by earthly means. But with the LORD’s guidance and love, all things are possible!



Survivors of trafficking and abuse are no just souls to be healed. Their experiences strengthen PATH’s efforts to seek solutions and build capacity to help current and future survivors overcome victimization and fulfill their goals as productive members of society.



The only thing separating PATH’s staff from the general public is education – knowledge of the warning signs of trafficking and abuse and knowledge of how to approach the issue. The good thing is that, with education and conviction, anyone can become an advocate in the anti-trafficking movement. Your awareness, time, and donations are all necessary to make PATH’s efforts successful!

Supporting Survivor Success

It takes a community to fight sex trafficking. PATH offers training program tailored to the needs of community and professional organizations so they can learn the signs of trafficking activity, how to safely assist someone trapped in such a lifestyle, and how to help the community overcome the impacts of sex trafficking, abuse, and exploitation.

A Decade of Success

Since 2011, PATH has worked with individuals, organizations, and the citizens and lawmakers of Arkansas to fight against the prevalence of sex-trafficking activity occurring within and beyond the state’s boundaries.

Real Love Campaign

We want to spend the month of February showing you how human trafficking and abuse victims have been given a false picture of love and how we try every day to show them what real love and healthy relationships look like. Follow us on Facebook for educational moments that we can all benefit from!

Give Hope

We can’t give hope to survivors of human trafficking and sexual abuse without your help! Join our fight by showing precious survivors how much we care through our giving!